WJBC Interview – Ali Dilley, Chris Roehl and Richard Sullivan



WJBC – Interview – Ali Dilley, Chris Roehl, Richard Sullivan – April 18, 2014


“I Paid for Flanagan” Rally

“Annoyed that ISU gave Timothy Flanagan a $480,000 separation settlement last month when he resigned as the school’s president, about two dozen students rallied on campus demanding answers.

 ‘We want them to take responsibility for their actions,’ said student Chris Roehl, ‘either a resignation from one f the board members of a formal apology.’


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State Your Protest : Student Reaction

(Board of Trusteed Chairman McCusky) denied comment, and has hung up on reporters and others asking questions. This action is the result of a gag order that the Board agreed to… At the end of the day, myself and other citizens at ISU are faced with a choice; we can either accept the world the way it is, or we can be bold and dare to change it.”



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Flanagan’s Contract Violation



“Contract for Services:

10. Board may terminate this Agreement upon written notice to President prior to the expiration of the term of this Agreement. If the Board terminates this Agreement for cause, the Board shall have no obligation to pay President and salary or benefits after the effective date of the termination of President’s employment. As used in this Agreement, cause includes but is not limited to:

  • […] b. Material acts of dishonesty, disloyalty in the conduct of the affairs of the President
  • […] d. Conviction of a crime involving but not limited to acts constituting fraud, intentional dishonesty, moral ineptitude, or any other activity that materially compromises the reputation of the Board of University


11. In the event that President Terminates this Agreement prior to the expiration of the term of this Agreement, Board will have no further obligation to pay President any salary or benefits after the effective date of President’s resignation. ”


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Flanagan’s Contract